Sunshine and Roses

Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing in the trees, perfect weather for pottering about the garden. Of course we all need a little rest now and again so its important to have a nice place to sit and relax. This is my favourite chair, it sits in my indoor porch most of the year but as soon as the sun comes out in the summer months I take it outside to enjoy the fresh outdoors. When we get good weather here in Ireland we try to make the most of it. I  usually sit and have a nice cup of tea, read a book or do a bit of crafting. I have a rose planted nearby and I can often smell its sweet fragrance if there is a gentle breeze in the evenings.

Hand Painted Chair

This was an old chair, it was originally pine, sorry I don’t have a before photo, I just dived right in.  I gave it a new lease of life by painting it red and adding roses on the back and arm rests, it went from boring to inviting.

Whatever you’re doing, or how busy you are, its important to take time out to stop and ‘smell the roses’. It’s the little things in life that mean so much.

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What a Transformation!

I’ve had a busy week trying to finish up bits and pieces. I have lost count of the amount of unfinished projects I have, so I am committing to finishing at least two before I start another.  Hands up who else is guilty of this? They are mostly crochet projects so I will see how I get on and hope to share in due course.

In the mean time I want to share this little project with you. I hand painted these old worn boots. You can see in the before picture they were not in great condition. I gave them a complete transformation, changing them from plain and boyish to girly, delicate, romantic, shabby chic…… I decorated them with pearls, satin ribbons, braiding and of course roses. I have them sitting on my desk, they could be used for  holding candles, pens, make up brushes, flowers etc.


I hope this inspires you to get those paintbrushes out and give it a try. If you don’t fancy the idea of painting roses, you could try decoupage.  This would be a great idea for keeping your child’s shoes as a memento of their childhood. I recently done a post showing a pair of work boots, have a look if you are looking for more ideas.

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Fresh of the hook, more crochet baby shoes

Here are my latest baby shoes that I have been working on since my last post. I have to say I’m just delighted with them.  I love the colours, so bright and cheery, they are sure to brighten up any little outfit.. The second pair remind me of smartie sweets/candy.  Little projects like these are perfect for using up small amounts of yarn, but my problem is…. every time I decide to make something to use up my stash of yarn, half way through I decide to go and buy some more.

2 crochet shoes

1 - Copy (2)

I’m beginning to think I am having and obsession with making these wee shoes. I’m sitting here surrounded by yarn, trying to choose colours for the next pair.  Today is a bank holiday in Ireland, it’s blustery, wet and cold outside, not the weather we are expecting for June. However, its perfect for staying indoors and doing a bit of crafting.  I hope you are having a lovely day and find the time to do what you love to do.


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Cute Crochet Baby Shoes.

Just dropping by to say hello and to share with you what I was working on yesterday. I made these little girls baby shoes. They turned out so cute. I made them using a 4mm hook and dk wool. I have made many pairs of these little shoes and I just love making them, there are so many possibilities, colours, flowers, ribbons, bows…… I added a little pearl to the centre of the little flower using an extra strong thread. This size is teeny and would be perfect for baby’s first shoes. I have made some as gifts and when baby has outgrown them they are usually added to baby’s memory box . These are comfy little shoes, soft with a little stretch. I love the little strap not only because it adds to the cuteness but  it also stops them from falling off the baby’s foot. They look beautiful on little bare feet with no socks. I have just started another pair, hope they turn out as cute.

1 - Copy

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Good Night, Sweet Dreams!

How cute is this?  I was browsing through my albums when  I came across this photo and just wanted to share. As you can see, it’s a picture of two wee teddies all tucked in for the night. They are  watching TV, I have lost count the number of times I told them to get an early night, come on now, lights out, time for bed. Ha ha, I got carried away a wee bit there. Anyway,  I made the bed from scratch, painted it and then made the mattress, sheet. blankets and pillows. My daughters got loads of play hours out of it. I made the bed following a pattern/ tutorial found on the web

bedtime bc

I bought the teddies and was delighted to find a matching pair, a boy and girl.  They are a wee bit squeezed for room, they  just have to snuggle closer together, they haven’t fallen out of bed yet!

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Fancy a cup of tea?

Just love my wee tea pot, it sits on my mantle piece over the stove in my kitchen. It had seen better days so I put it in the bin.  The following day I had this idea to try painting it, I searched the bin until I found it.  I’m so glad now I did. I’m on the look out now to find some more, I can see a collection growing. Of course I  couldn’t resist painting a few roses on it, you can never have too many roses or cups of tea!

1 bc teapot - Copy (3)

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Hand Painted Bedside Locker

This is a bedside locker I hand painted, I love roses and add them to most everything I paint.  After painting and before sealing I gave it a slight distressing.  I just love the shabby chic- vintage-cottage style, I think it has so much charm and personality and this locker fits this style so well. I was so busy getting started I forgot to take a before picture but it was just a standard pine locker. I lined the drawers with pretty liners, finishing touches make all the difference!

bedside locker finished

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Beautiful Baby Booties

I made these little baby shoes quite a while ago but glad now that I took a picture of them. They turned out so cute. I have made quite a few to give away as gifts. they are so comfy and keep little feet warm.

crochet baby shoes booties

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Doll’s Patchwork Blanket

I always keep the small scraps of fabric left over from sewing projects. I put them to good use and made this little doll’s blanket. I joined the fabric squares together to make strips then joined the strips together. Then I quilted it  with a layer of wadding and backing fabric and finished it of with a border. I love the combination of bright colours.

dolls quilt

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Old work boots get a new lease of life.

I have finally taken the plunge and started a blog, this is going to be fun, I have so much to learn, but here goes. A little about me, my hobbies include sewing, crochet, hand painting and upcycling. Following is an example of what I spend some of my time doing. I painted these old boots a few weeks ago and love how they turned out. Click here if you would like to see another pair of boots I upcycled.

Old boots handpainted

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