Colourful Crochet Cushions


I just love the way these cushions turned out, they are so bright and colourful.

As I was saying recently I was doing a bit of clearing out. Whilst cleaning out my dresser I came across my bowl of yarn scraps. It got me thinking, what could I use them for?


To begin with, I just crocheted little circles.

Do you like my little basket ?It’s just strips of fabric scraps covering soft piping cord and joined together using a machine zig zag stitch. Here are the little centres squared up.


Here they are all lined up ready for joining.


I attached them together using the join as you go method. I did a border with a row of hdc and a row of reverse sc.


I made the actual cushion like a standard cover using an envelope style opening at the back. I stitched the crochet piece on the top using a machine stitch but you could also hand stitch it.


I really enjoyed making these cushions… not so much sewing in the ends of yarn. I did it outdoors in the hope the birds would pick them up, giving me more time to make things. If you wonder, where do I get the time to craft? it’s because, I MAKE the time as it’s what I love to do plus I don’t watch TV a lot, I suppose I am a bit of a thinker.

Remember, if you can, try and make the time to do what YOU love to do.


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  2. Hi, hope you are having a good summer. How is the crochet going?

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