Painting, walking and sewing but not at the same time, ha ha!

Walking, painting and sewing, some of my favourite things to do. I’ll start with painting….  below is my little fairy house which I painted last summer. It has withstood the winter weather rightly. I made it out of a stone I found in the garden, I thought it would be the perfect shape to paint a little house using the triangular edges for a roof. It is nestled on the ground amongst the bushes and is a big hit amongst little visitors. Can you see the two wee faces peeping out the top windows?

Fairy Stone House

Fairy Stone House

I went out for a little stroll today with my camera in hand. I just love the countryside with all its ‘forty shades of green’ we get here in Ireland.


Further down the road we have bog land, where turf is cut. Turf is a fuel we use in the winter to heat our homes.

Turf Cutting

Turf Cutting

Another few steps and we are at this little stream under a stony bridge.


On the way back I just had to take a picture of this cow, she seemed to be saying, “Are you looking at me”?


Are you looking at me?

Before I go I would like to show you what I have been working on during the week. I am making two patchwork cushions for my summer seat. I’m really enjoying all the hand sewing. It is made mostly from little dresses my daughters used to wear, so it holds a lot of cherished memories.



I spent a while in Chicago almost 30 years ago, where I bought the little teddy print fabric which I fell in love with, proving that I even had a fabric addiction back then!


Bye for now!


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11 Responses to Painting, walking and sewing but not at the same time, ha ha!

  1. Love your cushion!

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  2. The painted house is a great idea. What paint do you use?

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  3. lucyannluna says:

    Love the fairy house, so cute

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  5. Your patchwork cushion cover is lovely!

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