My Cottage Garden and Crochet


Do you remember when I was talking about finishing up projects? Well this is the beginnings of one of them. I got my inspiration for the colours from this cup and saucer decorated with bouquets of little flowers. I find myself drawn to these colours especially at this time of year. It sort of reminds me of  my favourite type of garden…a cottage garden. Talking of gardens, here are a few pics of my own country garden. It has a very relaxed informal style which I love, buttercups and daisies included, sort of evolving with no definite plan.


So a little about the blanket. I made it using the typical granny pattern. It amazes me how the traditional granny pattern can look so different depending on the colours chosen. I made my first granny blanket when I was about 9 years old. I made if from scraps of wool using this  exact same pattern except for the squares with the flowers.  It was by no means a masterpiece, but I remember feeling so proud of that blanket. It’s still in use today even though it has seen better days.

Here are a few photos of the blanket  in progress. I got a good bit of it done, I am planning on making it to fit a single bed.


1I will likely take a break from it now and again, that’s the great thing about crochet, you can pick it up and leave it down as you wish as it doesn’t take too much thought. I just make sure to pin on a little note showing the size of hook I used.

At the minute I am also working on a few hand painting projects . Hint……more roses. Stay tuned.  Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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7 Responses to My Cottage Garden and Crochet

  1. Aixie says:

    I am totally, completely in love with slash obsessed with granny square crochet blankets. I buy them in op shops or from the Country Women’s Association stall at markets if I can. Unfortunately I cannot crochet despite several attempts by family members to teach me 😁
    This is incredibly beautiful, and I am amazed to hear you made your first one at 9 years old! Wow!

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  2. lucyannluna says:

    Really beautiful colours, looks fantastic

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  3. Lovely colours and what a pretty cup and saucer. I really want to start some bigger projects and I think a granny blanket may be in pipeline now.

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