Cute Crochet Baby Shoes.

Just dropping by to say hello and to share with you what I was working on yesterday. I made these little girls baby shoes. They turned out so cute. I made them using a 4mm hook and dk wool. I have made many pairs of these little shoes and I just love making them, there are so many possibilities, colours, flowers, ribbons, bows…… I added a little pearl to the centre of the little flower using an extra strong thread. This size is teeny and would be perfect for baby’s first shoes. I have made some as gifts and when baby has outgrown them they are usually added to baby’s memory box . These are comfy little shoes, soft with a little stretch. I love the little strap not only because it adds to the cuteness but  it also stops them from falling off the baby’s foot. They look beautiful on little bare feet with no socks. I have just started another pair, hope they turn out as cute.

1 - Copy

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2 Responses to Cute Crochet Baby Shoes.

  1. Thank you Angela, just popped over to your blog, I love your mantra.


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